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Solar Crimping Tool Kits for MC3/MC4/Tyco connectors

  • FSPV-3A

Solar crimping tool kits for 2.5-6.0mm2 MC3/MC4/Tyco connectors with Crimping/Cutting/Stripping function


Model: FSPV-3A                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      




     Solar PV Tool Kits


         Include tools




 LY-2546B MC3/MC4 Solar Crimping Tools


Crimping for Solar Panel PV Cables(2.5-6.0mm2)




 Hex wrench


Use for Installing MC4 Dies/MC3 Dies/Tyco Dies




 LA-2546B solar cable stripper


Universal solar cable stripper, for 2.5/4/6m2 (AWG 14/12/10) solar cable Length:180mm, Weight:0.32Kg




WX-206 solar cable cutter

Solar cable cutter for Soft cable/Wood sticks/Dowel rods/Animal Nail/Rope/Cord and many other materials

cable: 24mm²(3/8”) flexible

Material: stainless steel blade and TPR handles
Length:165mm, Weight:0.12Kg





MC3 solar Dies Set



A Pair of Dies for MC3 solar connector

(Multi-Contact) & 2.5/4/6mm2
 (AWG 14/12/10) solar cable. 




 Solar connecter spanner


2Pcs Open-end spanner and unlocking tool (MC4 and MC4 PLUS)




Straight Screwdriver


screwdriver 5x75mm(Dia.*Length)


Material of Head: S2 Steel




Cross screwdriver


screwdriver 6x100mm(Dia.*Length)


Material of Head: S2 Steel






Carrying Oxford Zipper Bag: 310×140×65(mm)




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