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Power Terminal Crimping Tool for 16-300mm2 cable

  • BZ-300B

New design mini power terminal crimping tool for 16-300mm2 cable.



         Crimping Force








         Crimps per charge


         300 times (Cu 150mm2 )


         Battery voltage




         Battery capacity






         100-240V AC




         plastic case




         crimping Dies.


         16, 25, 35, 50, 70, 95, 120, 150, 185, 240,300mm2










         Sealing ring of cylinder




         Sealing ring safety valve





 1. All tools can be controlled by one key-press the trigger to start working, half loosing the trigger means stop

 forcing pressure, loosing fully means piston return to the original position.

 2. LCD Data Display-The Total Crimping Times, Electricity Power, Errors Info can be checked by the Display,

 also we can special making for customer to show the pressure if necessary.

 3. Air Cooling Heat dissipation system to extend using.

 4. Heads Rotates 350 degree in order to gain better access to tight corners or other difficult working areas.

 5. Li-ion batteries do neither have a memory effect nor self-discharge. Even after long periods of non operation

 the tool is always ready to operate. In addition we see a lower power weight ratio with 50% more capacity and

 shorter charging cycles copare to NiMH batteries.

 6. The unit is equipped with a double piston pump which is characterised by a rapid approach of the dies forwards the connector and a slow crimping motion

 7. USD coneect to memory crimping time



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